South Towns Camera Club
Competition Rules and Procedures
(Revised August 2021)

  1. Submissions: All submissions must start as a photographic image taken by the maker.

  2. Classification: Club members are divided into five groups - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum dependent on their ability. New members who are members of another club must join at the rank held in the other club.

  3. Judging: Images are judged and commented on by people noted for their ability in the medium under consideration.

  4. Eligibility of Work:
    a. Images taken at any photographic training sessions or model nights are not considered basically the work of the maker.
    b. There are no subject restrictions for the Color Print Category, Monochrome Print Category or Regular Projected Image Category as they are of an open nature with the following exceptions -
    -Special Assignment Competitions for which rules will be given to members
    -At the request of the Community Center images of nudes are not allowed
    c. Any image that closely resembles a winning entry by the same maker may not be submitted.
    d. The same image may be entered in more than one category. (Exception-The same monochrome image cannot be entered in both the Monochrome Digital Image Category and the General Digital Image Category.)
    e. If a member officially questions the eligibility of an image, the question must be raised on the night of the competition and the Executive Board will rule on it that evening.
    f. The Executive Board will make the final decision on matters of eligibility and penalties.

    5. Re-entering Images:
    a. If an image did not receive an honor award, the image may be re-entered as is.
    b. If an image received an honor award, the image must be significantly altered to be re-entered.
    c. In the Bronze and Silver classes, if an image received an honor award with a score of 12 or less, it may be re-entered for a second time. The image may not be entered for a third time without being significantly altered.

    6. Responsibilities:
    a. Dues must be paid before a member is eligible to compete.
    b. Lost or damaged images are not the responsibility of the club or its' officers.
    c. Identification of images is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
    d. Prints should be picked up from the Chairperson the same day as exhibited.
    e. The club PSA Chairperson or inter-club competition Chairperson shall have the privilege to select and hold images for inter-club or PSA competitions. These members are experienced in their jobs and will exercise the utmost caution in the treatment of images. Please cooperate and help your club participate in these competitions.

    7. Competition Categories: The competition categories are Monochrome Print, Color Print, Regular Projected Image and Creative/Artistic Projected Image.

    8. General Competition Rules:
    a. A regular monthly competition will consist of a maximum of two color prints, two monochrome prints, two regular projected images, and one creative/artistic projected image. 
    b. If a club member is judging, he/she may enter double in the next competitions (i.e. four of each plus two creative/artistic).
    c. In the Color Print Category, the Monochrome Print Category and the Regular Projected Image Category a minimum of ten images must be entered to achieve an average.
    d. In the Creative/Artistic Projected Image Category a minimum of six images must be entered to achieve an average.
    e. After the requirement is met, the maker may drop the lowest scored images over the minimum.
    f. Prints must be turned in no later than 6:45pm the night of the competition. Projected images must be entered no later than Monday of the competition week.
    g. All entries must have a title ("Untitled" is not an acceptable title.)
    h. The maker may not remove an image from competition once competition has commenced.

    9. Advancement and Awards:
    a. To receive an award you must score 10 or higher in Bronze, 11 or higher in Silver, 12 or higher in Gold, 13 or higher in Diamond and 14 or higher in Platinum.
    b. To advance to the next classification-
    -If you average 10 or higher you move from Bronze to Silver
    -If you average 11 or higher you move from Silver to Gold
    -If you average 12 or higher you move from Gold to Diamond
    -if you average 13 or higher you move from Diamond to Platinum
    c. Advance by any other means will be determined by the Executive Board.
    d. An individual has the right to decline advancement.

    10. Projected Image Rules:
    a. The Regular Projected Image Category is an open competition and may include all genres, such as nature, monochrome, infrared, macro, etc.
    b. The Creative/Artistic Projected Image Category is for the promotion of unusually creative/artistic images. To determine what is creative/artistic we will use the following definition-
    . . . "Creative/artistic photography is producing an image through the use of imaginative skill or originality of thought, including the altering of reality. Creative/artistic images may include modifications in the darkroom, on the computer, or in the camera, as well as unusual points of view, imaginative use of subject matter or lighting, or any other presentation and must begin with the maker's photograph or a collection of the maker's photographs. Images are judged for their technical/pictorial merit and originality of concept. The content is unrestricted except where standard club rules apply."
    c. Both projected image categories may include digital mats and borders.
    d. Image format should be a JPEG file.
    e. Maximum pixel dimensions should be no wider than 1920 horizontal and no longer than 1080 vertical.
    f. Color space should be sRGB.
    g. Resolution should be constant when the image is resized.
    h. Image quality should be the highest quality JPEG to fit maximum file size.

    11. Print Rules:
    a. All prints must be mounted on mounting board to be exhibited.
    b. The maximum size for competition prints is 320 square inches, including mat, not to exceed 30 inches in width or 24 inches in height (e.g. 16 X 20, 10 X 30, etc.). The minimum size shall be 80 square inches (e.g. 8 X 10, etc.).
    c. Name, Title, and Class should be permanently affixed to the upper left corner on the back of the print.
    d. Indicate on the back of the print with an arrow which side is up.
    e. Monochrome is tints/shades of one color.
    f. Identifying marks on the front of the print will be covered for competition (e.g. signature of maker).

    12. End of the Year Competition:
    a. Images must have been entered in previous competitions for that season and must not have been one of the top three (first, second or third place) winners in any previous End of the Year Competition.
    b. Up to four images may be entered in each category except Creative/Artistic, where you may enter up to two images.

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