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Administrators create "Discussion Forums", which are broad categories for discussions. Inside each Forum there can be multiple Topics related to the Forum. Users can create new Topics within a Forum and can add replies to existing Topics.

A Topic (sometimes called a Thread) starts with an initial statement or question posted by a user. Other users can add replies to the topic, extending the conversation.

Some forums may be restricted to members only and will not appear unless you are logged in. You must be logged in to create a topic or reply. Forums may not be moderated. Report any inappropriate postings to your organization administrator.

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New Competition Web Site

Public Forum

Thoughts To Ponder!

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Photo Club Services

Global Public Forum

Use this forum to relate your experiences with the Photo CLub Services websites and Image Competition Manager. Suggect changes or improvements. This is not a support forum, however. Please use the Help menu to submit a support issue.

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